Single police equipment

new electric shock catches the gloves

Description:Catching gloves is the use of a low-voltage pulse current on the human muscle has a contraction effect

Applicable industries:

Armed police, public security arrest, trial escort, aviation security

Detailed parameters

product description:

Catching gloves is the use of a low-voltage pulse current on the human muscle has a contraction, in a certain small current into the human body, so that the body muscles contraction, cramp strong reaction is particularly for the armed police, police arrest, trial escort, Aviation security and other law enforcement forces in the field of law enforcement team tailored non-jealous law enforcement weapons.


l lightweight, no volume and quality burden, two seconds to start the engine, easy to operate;

l shake hands or grasp the other wrist, the other side immediately lose the ability to attack, hand to capture;

l hidden advantage is obvious, easy to close combat;

l surface with a perfect human design, ergonomic principles;

l the most suitable for indoor or relatively small environment in the great divinity.

l current less than 10mA (maximum 30mA), compared with the existing high-voltage shock gloves, no harm;

l electronic pulse mode, instantly to lift the restraint, the skin surface without any trauma.

Product parameters:

Start time: ≤2 seconds

Glove material: leather insulation material

Working time: ≥8 hours

Anti-attack material: carbon fiber, can withstand more than 100kg pressure

Batter time: ≥ 2 hours

Battery material: built-in lithium battery, rechargeable after repeated use

Charging voltage: 5V

Electrode characteristics: claw-like, can penetrate the human body angle layer

Output current: 10mA -30mA

Electric shock characteristics: the human body without any skin and fatal injuries

Output voltage: 320V-380V

Electric shock mode: electronic pulse mode, instantly to lift the shackles

Charging time: about 2 hours.

Weight: 260g-650g per pair