Traffic patrol

QL-28 gravity sensor shoulder lamp

Description:Mainly used for warning and self-security tips to remind the outside world or a third party to receive the signal

Applicable industries:

Auxiliary police, police, urban management, administrative law enforcement, traffic law enforcement, security, property

Detailed parameters

QL-28 gravity sensor shoulder lamp

Product parameters:

Size: 35 × 78 × 26mm

Weight: 55g

Color: red and blue color

Battery capacity: 3.7V 550mA

Sustainable working hours:> 11h

Waterproof rating: IP66

Resistance to height: 1.5m

Flashing frequency: 8HZ

Temperature: -40 to 60 degrees Celsius

Position state detection: gravity sensing

Position state transition: manual setting or auto-sensing adjustment

LED lights: horizontal direction: 12 lights, LED lights 1 lights,

Charger: 5V 500mA

Charging Interface: Andrews Mini Universal USB port for quick match charging

Clip: the use of crocodile head clip type stainless steel clip

Control mode: touch the NC way, Smart conversion

Charging time: 2.5-3.5 hours

Charging mode: constant flow trickle, stable and reliable charging method

Work: red and blue police flash, lighting

Wear: crocodile head clip type stainless steel clip holder

Design: in the design is completely different from the traditional shoulder lamp design, the use of metal clip firmly fixed, and the traditional plastic folder easy to break easily broken, no reliability protection.

Night view distance: In the sunny night, 500 meters away from the light can distinguish the color

Industry comparison work effective time: the current industry similar products 5h to 8h normal, the machine is valid for about 11h validated

Whether the drop: soft drop height of 3M, hard drop height of 1.5M, any irregular fall 3 times

Inspection report: through the national standard, line standard, enterprise standard GB 16796-2009 security alarm equipment controllable standard, can be done at the end of the project

Appearance anti-decolorization: Alcohol wipe N times without bleaching paint the case

Security Protection Benefits:

Multi-function protective shoulder light: mainly used for warning and self-security tips to remind the outside world or a third party to receive the signal, such as the car in the highway or different scenes of low visibility or fuzzy weather in the case of flashing lights can tell each other in front of someone Please pay attention to slow down to avoid the occurrence of bleeding injury incident!

Marine, Marine, Maritime, Public Security Patrol, WANG GUAN, SECURITY, etc., for the industry, such as: Auxiliary Police, Police, Urban Management, Road Administration, Administrative Law Enforcement, Traffic Law Enforcement, Security, Property, Fire, Railway, Emergency Rescue, Patrol, The

National patent: multi-function single police protection shoulder lamp, is already a national patent single police equipment! Dust fog performance: 24 hours in humid environment, free water vapor penetration to the internal protection level: equipment with a rain and other functions, the level of IP68.