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Police station application system


Introduction to the duties of the police station

First, to collect, master, report the stability of the social stability and security of the overall situation of intelligence information;

Second, the management of the area of the real population (including the resident population, temporary population and overseas residents in the area);

Third, according to the law within the jurisdiction of the management of special industries, public entertainment service sites and firearms, ammunition, explosion, toxic and other dangerous goods;


Fourth, with the relevant departments to prevent fire, explosion, poisoning and other security incidents; Fifth, according to the law supervision and guidance within the jurisdiction of the organs, groups, enterprises, institutions of public security work, organize and guide units to defend organizations and the masses to carry out security precautions; In the area to carry out the security as the main body of the multi-level group prevention work, to prevent the occurrence of preventable cases;

Sixth, through daily security prevention and management work to find illegal criminal clues, broken by the police station by the general criminal cases;

Seven, according to the law to investigate and deal with security cases, mediation security disputes;

Eight, to assist the higher level public security organs to do a good job dealing with mass incidents;

9. To strengthen the control of illegal religion and cult activities;

10, the people of the area to carry out legal publicity, the area of illegal young people to help, was sentenced to control, deprivation of political rights, suspended, parole, prison outside the implementation of the prisoners for medical treatment, supervision and re-election work, The lack of staff to carry out social collaborative education and put back after the stubble to help the education work, do a good job of prevention and punishment of the masses of crime;

11, to accept the masses of the police, help, solve problems for the people, to solve the practical difficulties of the masses, and actively do good things for the masses, do practical things.